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About Us

Zmzm Sweets Company was established in 2021. We started our work in the Jordanian capital, Amman, and then moved to Chicago in the United States of America. 5 branches were completed in 2021 in Jordan, where 4 branches were completed in Amman and one in Salt. Zmzm aims to make a group Large branches in the United States and in Jordan.

What distinguishes is the absolute quality in production and always providing the best in the world of sweets. We focus in our products on Arab sweets of all kinds in addition to some Western sweets. Also, Zmzm is distinguished by the quality and quality of ice cream, which was very popular at the beginning of our opening.

We always strive to provide distinguished service and to achieve customer satisfaction, we introduce ourselves through all means of e-marketing in the website mobile application and all other means.

We try to be in constant contact with our customers and answer the smallest details and observations.

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